Book Review- Recovery: Freedom From Our Addictions, by Russell Brand

I bought Recovery: Freedom From Our Addictions by Russell Brand because I have always felt inspired by his philosophy and thought he could help me in two ways. First, even though these may be seen as trivial ‘addictions’, I wanted to break my habits of smoking, drinking coffee, and checking my social media too often. Second, I wanted insight into how to manage my personal relationships with people who are suffering from serious addiction. Watching family members struggle with substance abuse issues is difficult and I hoped that reading Brand’s breakdown of the 12-step program would enable me to be more supportive to my loves.

I just have to say, this book couldn’t have come into my life at a better time. Brand acknowledges addiction from an atypical yet intuitive perspective. He considers the indicators that point to addiction as a social and cultural problem that is ingrained in each of us from an early age; consumerism and vanity being at the root of many personal struggles involving varying degrees of addiction. I personally have been struggling with finding my place in such a seemingly superficial world. It has helped me to realize how much control I can reclaim over what actions I choose to take in response to influence I receive. Russell insists that we all have a program, but whether or not it serves us depends on how conscientiously we apply it. This aligns perfectly with what I am blogging about, living with intention and realizing your truer self. I want to be my best self, and I want to do it with gratitude. Recovery helped me to get into the right frame-of-mind to be able to honour that every single day and in each moment.
Part of the process of learning the twelve-step program was learning how I had been previously enabling and reinforcing the addictions of those I love. I felt like I was trying to maintain connection by placating those I love through the consequences of their own program. Since reading Recovery, I have been able to create healthy boundaries without feeling guilt. I am better able to stay in a space of love and understanding without feeling like I am enabling or approving of addictive behaviors of others.
Recovery substantiates your inner ‘best’ and allows you to run it as your program (perhaps in place of one which wasn’t serving your truest self).

What’s wonderful about this book is it’s versatility. Not only do most of us love someone with an addiction of some degree whose own program could benefit from our better understanding, but we also can each apply it to some aspect of our life, even if it may not even be defined by addiction at all. It’s the kind of book you want to pass on after you finish reading it. I highly recommend reading Recovery if you feel like you or anyone close to you could benefit from creating an intentional program for living. I am happy to report I successfully gave up smoking and coffee 22 days ago! I passed my book on to a loved one who struggles with a more severe form of addiction because I truly think that anyone who reads this book will find it helpful to succeeding in their own recovery.

If you should decide to purchase a copy of this book, you would be supporting me in my blogging by ordering through my affiliate link here. I appreciate the support and encouragement from my readers! Read Recovery: Freedom From Our Addictions, by Russell Brand.

Happy Homesteading! Xx


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