Progress Report #5

It’s probably a good thing Mike is pragmatic and overly-cautious because he keeps me grounded. If the plan was my own, it would be selling the house now, paying everything off, and bugging out into the woods with a pocket full of change, 5 year plan be damned. I just wanna jump now! Whooooo yessss! Mike mostly just wants to see us in a better financial position in 5 years than we are in now. How boring.

I realize just how ignorant and naive I sound wanting to just go for it- and it doesn’t cause me a second thought about how willing I am to risk everything to get where I want to be. I always want to jump now and trust that we’ll grow wings on the fall. He thinks we should grow them first. At least one of us is practical! I have to remember that the whole purpose of this goal is to be more mindful- starting now, not when everything’s perfect– and slowwww downnnn. Things will move into place for us at just the right time and in the right way thanks to the balance we bring to eachothers’ lives, I’m sure of it. Just stick to the plan.

There’s a warm-front blowing through the region the last few days with warmer gusty winds and I can almost feel that tinge of springtime rejuvination that always ignites my urge to build and take on new projects. I have an old icebox fridge that I really want to someday actually use as a fridge (you’ll see my dream-house must-haves here as I find time to compile them) but I have been considering converting it to a dehydrator. I’m not sure how exactly, but thinking maybe a solar thermal panel to create some heat and convection and use it as an outdoor solar dehydrator.

This week I used up the rest of my dried mullein flowers to make a garlic-mullein earache oil and started a garlic-mullein cough syrup

Also, I cheated on the meal planning this week. One day I forgot to even deal with it and by dinner I hadn’t taken the roast out that was planned so I made a soup instead. And on donair night I got lazy and just pulled out frozen meatballs and made rice. Cooking enough for two meals and freezing one is the best present I ever gave myself or have had on hand to give to someone else when they need it. Or for when I’m just feeling particularily lazy.

Mike was out foraging the other day and found some polypores to harvest. And Chaga! We were running low on chaga and I was starting to fear I would have to give up my daily chaga obsession that I have developed while replacing my daily coffee addiction.

Polypores, Chaga

I’ll be finalizing a series this week on my top ten favourite herbs and their uses. I grow all of these herbs myself and I am currently packaging seeds I harvested from them for an upcoming giveaway on Home Love on Facebook. I hope you can check in and like my page for a chance to win some of my favourite herb seeds yourself and see first hand why these herbs make my top ten list! If you win, you’ll also get to inspect my handy seed-pack DIY that I made using the template from


I think the packets turned out really cute!

I really appreciate that you’re here, and I hope that your week has been inspiring and I wish you a love-filled Valentines Day!

Thank you for stopping in and Happy Homesteading! Xx


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