Progress Report #4

I can’t wait for summer! Some exciting projects in the works once all of this snow melts away and the weather returns to habitable temperatures. I have been note-taking a lot this week. Making plans for the coming months while trying to learn to be a good and loyal blogger.

I spent much of this week researching homestead innovation (not the best word- more like tried and true efficiencies worth investing in to make homesteading easier. Hacks?). I found some great stuff and will be publishing a summary of my research later in the month so I can share it all with you in case you too might find it handy.

I have also been researching ways to monetize my website and have been looking at reviving my own Etsy store that has been inactive since probably earlier than 2010!

If we are to be able to move to seclusion we need to figure out what we can offer that doesn’t require us physically leaving home from 9-5 every day. I am great at making home products out of plants I grow and would like to be able to offer a revolving assortment of seasonal goodies that my readers will appreciate. I hope you look forward to seeing us realize this part of our journey towards being self-sufficient!

I said last week and the week before that sorting and storing my seeds and preserves was the main goal of the week but I have again put that on the back-burner while I work on more exciting things. I started a Facebook page and hope you’ll hop over to Home Love on Facebook to show us your love! In the coming week I will be doing a promotional giveaway for anyone who has liked or shared our page, so make sure that you’re ready for that announcement over on Facebook by tossing us a like!

teaser from the upcoming promo

I almost feel like my meal planning endeavor should be an update on it’s own! I still need to organize my food binder and duplicate menus and shopping lists so I can revolve previous bi-weekly plans. So far, it looks like we are spending approximately $560/month on groceries (140 per week or $20/day). That includes breakfast and dinner for all 7 of us, plus school lunches for 4 kids and work lunches for Mike. I think I can get those numbers even lower after some trials with my plans. I can’t believe I only recently took meal planning seriously; it has been amazing and already saved us hundreds of dollars in just the last month. Definitely something I will carry through with and build upon. Next harvest season better watch out for me!

Minimalizing has all but stagnated. The basement has been re-cluttered with sorted items I hoped to sell (to benefit the debt payment). I’ll just be donating in the coming week to wash my hands of it.

And I’ve been doing some re-arranging around the house, including setting myself up with a little herb shelf above the kitchen sink, and planting the seeds that will grow there.

And that’s all folks!

Happy Homesteading Xx


2 thoughts on “Progress Report #4

  1. Good job! Your meals look yummy. The Facebook link didn’t work for me but I was able to find your web site. I LOVE your chicken coop. I have had chickens about five years. Dangerous…they are the gateway livestock. We just got our 10-acre homestead and will start planting in Spring.

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    1. Haha! The gateway livestock- so true. I’ve been trying to talk Mike into letting me get bunnies and a goat but he says we have to wait until we make our move to our foreverstead. Good luck with your new acreage! I’ll be watching for your updates. Thank you for your words Xx


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