Progress Report #3

We are wrapping up our second week since the official milestone of committing vehemently to reaching our goals. It’s been an alright week. I’ve been trying to keep up with the schedule I made for myself on my masking tape calender but I admit I’ve been pushing post-its back some days as I make my way through the house and try to offload good stuff we don’t need anymore. I had to slow my roll because the donations and recycling were blocking the doorways lol.

I had originally meant to dedicate this week to sorting my seeds and salves, tinctures and herbs and all that. It never got done but I did minimalize the bathroom and get rid of 90% of the random products we were hoarding. I also completely cleared out our master bedroom (which may seem like a simple task but we had been using it as a store-all and had lost our peace among endless need-not crap). We finished going through everyones laundry so the drawers and closets are in order too. Today I was puttying the holes in preparation for tomorrow when I am going to paint the walls.

Another big move I personally made this week was QUITTING SMOKINGGGG omigosh.

I’m one of those people who justifies bad habits by claiming that the joy they bring balances the “health chemistry biofeedback loops”. I always told myself I’ll be that 108 year-old with a cigarette in my mouth healthy as I was when I started smoking 92 years ago. As ridiculous as that sounds, I am actually quitting mostly to save the money. When I realized I had spent some $60,000 smoking over the last 15 years I didn’t feel all that great about it! And that kind of money towards a better future seems a worthwhile investment. So I’ve been sipping a lot of tea and staying away from triggers like social media, people, and stress. Whooosaaaaa.

Last week we made our monthly debt payment of $1000 and since then have incurred some unforeseen expenses (Mike needed new steel-toe boots for work, and one of the kids signed up for a skiing field trip we weren’t prepared to pay for) but we are doing ok. Mike took some overtime and I am applying for a relief position that will enable me to pull in a few bucks a week while Mike is home to help get us paycheq to paycheq so we can keep up our savings. Cross your fingers for me that I get the job! Hard to find work around the lives of five kids that’ll actually pay more than the childcare costs!

Last Sunday I took my first meal-plan shopping list and bought $280 worth of groceries intended to feed our family of 7 for two solid weeks. We normally willy-nilly spend about $800 a month on food including takeout and random snack runs. The biggest benefit to this mealplan is how easy it is to produce a healthy amd delicious meal every single night. I planned meals to roll into eachother so that I might be cooking chicken for two dinners on the same night or doubling the pasta I boil to serve as a cold salad for school lunches etc.

Quinoa 3 ways for 3 days

I really like this and will be making an organized cycling meal plan book to keep the momentum going after this next week is up.

All-in-all, a decent week of progress!

Until next week,

Happy Homesteading! Xx


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