Progress Report #2: Ongoing Organization

Minimalizing how we live is a huge component to realizing our goals and I have been trying to be as diligent as possible moving through the list of tasks necessary to achieve this. I admit cleaning and organization is not my forte. It takes every inch of will for me to start and follow through with an organization task.

Our entry room is full with bags and boxes of books and clothes destined for donation. There are piles of things distributed throughout the house waiting to be downsized, sorted and put away. It feels more cluttered now than it did before I started but I am working towards an end. Creating space.

While this is going on I am also organizing a plan for the blog. I have good content to offer and in exchange I would like to be able to earn some kickback that will enable me to contribute financially to helping us realize some of our debt-freedom and saving goals. As I have said before I started out blogging to advertise my furniture refurbishing side-hustle and then it became my frugal decor journal and now I want to expand the scope to include our entire journey as a family through this life as we relish our moments together between dodging debt and juggling our dreams; sharing all we learn along the way.

We have been brainstorming every day to figure out a name for the blog. One that reflects who we are, where we came from, and where we are going. Over dinner the kids are spitballing ideas, and at bedtime Mike and I murmer adages and witty wordplays to eachother like lullabies as we fall asleep. This blog is my baby. I want to give her the perfect name.

While sorting toys and talking to myself in proverbs, I am staying on track by being accountable to my homemade masking tape stickynote calendar. It’s cheap and sloppy. And it works.

I keep throwing ideas up on the wall as they come to me and I revisit the board several times a day as I pass by it. It’s working for me better than an app I can swipe away when I’m too busy to view the reminders.

A huge milestone for us today was making our first lump payment towards our lines of credit!

As I explained in previous posts we are putting $1000 per month directly towards paying down our debt in anticipation of consolidating whats left of it come September when we renew our mortgage.

This has been a test of our ability to restrict frivolous spending and I am happy to report we have survived without our regular chip and pop runs to the corner store and our weekly thriftshopping splurges on unnecessary junk. We renegotiated our cellular service plans and I have also managed to earn us a couple hundred bucks selling stuff we don’t need this month as I purge through our stuff.

I have to say; it feels good to be able to jot down these small successes and see that real progress is being made by taking small steps each day toward a seemingly insurmountable goal.

If you are considering changing the direction of your life I highly reccommend just taking the small steps! They’re bigger than they seem once you’ve taken them!

Happy Homesteading Xx


One thought on “Progress Report #2: Ongoing Organization

  1. Congratulations! We use Ting for mobile and it’s saved us SO much more than regular plans, my husband and I pay on average $55/mo total (it’s cheaper because they don’t subsidize the cost of buying a new phone so I have to pay full price for a new phone, just fine with me). Everything adds up!

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